Training elite athletes is in our DNA, and our camps are geared for the most ambitious tennis players. Following the same structure as our Full Time program, we have developed the ultimate camp setting training platform. Whether our players are coming for a week, or months a time, they will train with the same purpose and intensity as our full time players.

The day the player arrives, a Player Manager will set up a meeting and start creating a custom and personalized plan. This will make sure the player is working with a clear objective during our stay at ProWorld. We want our players to leave our high-performance camps learning to embrace the results of hard work and dedication while still enjoying the spoils of a fun summertime.

Training Volume (Minutes)

Morning session – Technical + Tactical

Afternoon session – Point Situation + Match Play

Morning session – Stregth + Injury Prevention

Afternoon session – Performance + Movement

Mental Coaching – 45 min. w/coach (1 per week)