Tennis players are some of the most complete athletes in the world. To keep up with this demand, elite tennis players need a program that supplies those requirements. Our Full Time Program raises the bar and sets a new training standard in group training. It is specifically designed for tennis players aiming for the highest goals.

This periodized training system addresses all the components necessary so that our players get the best results. From the technical and tactical aspects of the game, to the physical and mental demands, All training elements must be accounted for. What sets this program apart from the typical academy training standards, is the extra individual attention given to the athlete, and our relentless desire to challenge them every day.

Training Volume (Minutes)

Morning session – Technical + Tactical

Afternoon session – Point Situation + Match Play

Morning session – Stregth + Injury Prevention

Afternoon session – Performance + Movement

Mental Coaching – 45 min. w/coach (1 per week)