Pro World Tennis Academy hosted the Les Petits AS—USA Playoffs Lacoste

The USA Playoffs Lacoste, presented by AQR, took place between October 5th to 9th 2019 at Pro World Tennis Academy. As one of the leading tennis academies in the country we were honored to be a part of this incredible opportunity for athletes to compete for a chance to go to the Les Petits As – Le Mondial Lacoste.

Everyone at Pro World was filled with pride and wonder while watching the high level of tennis and professionalism displayed by the 32 tennis players (16 female athletes and 16 male athletes) who competed for a chance to attend the World Cup in France, February of next year.

As an academy that strives to give its athletes all the tools and support necessary for becoming the best tennis players, the sportsmanship, commitment, and talent that these young athletes showed throughout the tournament extremely inspired us. Not even the inclement weather could stop them from giving their all on the court and showing us what great tennis is all about.

The Playoffs represented a milestone for the Pro World. It was an event that was aligned with our belief in providing a positive and friendly environment to encourage the successful development of athletes. Being able to host these 32 future stars reassures us of our commitment, dedication, and passion for helping tennis players to reach their highest potential.

For the male competition, Alexander Razeghi, Mitchell Lee, Kaylan Bigun, and Nikita Flin won their chance to travel and take part in Les Petitis As- Le Mondial Lacoste; while Clervie Ngounoue, Maya Joint, Brooklyn Olson and Laxington Reed took the female slots. As the female winner of the USA Playoffs Lacoste, Clervie Ngounoue will also have the opportunity to play in the WTA Future Stars, taking place in China from October 27 to November 3rd, 2019.

In 2019, for the first time, Les Petis As launched the USA Playoffs Series, a set of three tournaments that served as pre-qualifiers for the USA Playoffs Lacoste presented by AQR. The Florida series took place from September 7th to September 21st, at Pro World Tennis Academy in Delray Beach Florida.

We have created the ultimate training environment for our athletes by providing world-class private facilities, world-renowned coaches that deliver professional instruction, and an organized training system that focuses on our athletes’ individual skills, pace, and achievements, all to help them become the best tennis players they can be. We prepare them for their future careers as professional tennis players and for life. That’s why being able to host the USA Playoffs Lacoste, and seeing young tennis player’s dreams come true, makes every member of Pro World Tennis Academy proud to be part of this great family.