Proworld Tennis Academy and Olympus International Academy Merge to Provide Future Generations of Athletes with The Ultimate Training Environment.

At ProWorld Tennis Academy we understand that to provide the ultimate training environment we must help our students in every area of their life. That’s why we are proud to announce our partnership with Olympus International Academy in our quest to help our athletes achieve success inside the tennis court and in life.

In partnering with Olympus International Academy, a comprehensive Middle and High School instructional program powered by K12 international academy an accredited, diploma-granting school, we aim to help our athletes achieve their highest potential physically and intellectually.

We will work together to accompany and provide the support every one of our athletes needs to become their best version. Olympus International Academy’s sports enriched program for middle and high school students ensures a classroom-based environment, with content and course level instruction delivered online, and the support of a certified teacher on-site merging the flexibility and intensity of an online program with the accountability and discipline from required daily classroom attendance.

We will continue to provide the world-class private facilities, world-renowned coaches that deliver professional instruction and an organized training system that focuses on our athletes’ individual skills, pace and achievements, that has been our differential since the start and has made us one of the top training locations for professional tennis players during their on and off seasons.

By partnering with Olympus Academy, we aim to replicate the passion and dedication we put towards helping our athletes become the best tennis players they can be, in providing them with the best chances of having a proper education, understanding that this part of their training and is fundamental for the development of their self-esteem, confidence and discipline, all important traits that can make a difference in going pro.

We take pride in understanding that in order to achieve success every player needs to have dedication, passion and be willing to do the hard work, but we also know that the road is a lot easier with a support system, a positive environment, and a team that will be there every step of the way. That’s why we are happy to call Olympus International Academy the newest member of the ProWorld Tennis Academy team, and we are looking forward to collaborating to help our students become the athletes they want to be, as well as contributing members of society.