ProWorld at Olympus International Academy:
The Ideal Setting for Year-Round Tennis and Pro Athletes.

ProWorld at Olympus International Academy in South Florida is chosen by some of the top tennis players and most prestigious tournaments in the world because of the ideal climate that allows for all year-round tennis, the invigorating natural landscape, and cultural diversity so characteristic to the area.

Located in Delray Beach and Boca Raton, two of the trendiest and most thriving cities in South Florida, our location is surrounded by beautiful beaches, nature, and the lively local life of the Sunshine State, providing elite athletes from all over the world the ideal space to train and develop the healthy and positive attitude they need to reach their highest potential.

It’s not a coincidence that ProWorld is in the “Tennis Capital of the World”. We aim for our students to be immersed in the tennis culture and experience the sport in all aspects. Our athletes have the opportunity to enjoy some of the top international tennis tournaments such as the Miami Open and the Delray Beach Open and get close to their idols during training season.

From the “River of Grass” that creates the Everglades National Park, to the Atlantic Coastline filled with thousands of miles of beaches, bays, inlets, islands and estuaries, Florida is a natural paradise. Not to mention, our cities are among the best in the nation for clean air. The Sunshine State’s natural landscapes is an essential component of the ultimate training environment we have developed here at ProWorld.

We believe in the benefits of nature for the performance and wellbeing of athletes. Natural environments help reduce stress, aid recovery, improve cognitive function, and have an overall positive effect on the mood and vitality of athletes. That is why, at ProWorld, students not only benefit from a nature-infused atmosphere and clean air on day to day basis, but we are always planning off-campus trips to visit different beaches, recreational trails and parks.

As one of the top tennis academies of the world, we are aware of the importance a multicultural environment can plays in the formation and bringing up of our players. In this location, not only can they enjoy the neighboring communities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach where they can explore an array of culturally enriching experiences, we are also a couple of hours away from Orlando, the theme park capital of the country!

At ProWorld at Olympus International Academy we want to help our athletes achieve the all-star level they aim for. That’s why we provide them with the ultimate training facilities, world renowned coaches and a cultural and diverse location, surrounded by a natural environment that will enhance their capabilities and help them get where they’re going, on the court and in life.